risk and finance advisory boutique trustee in bankruptcy

PhDr. Pavel Körner, Ph.D.

- trustee in bankruptcy with specialization for discharge of debts and liquidations,

- 10+ years of experiences in banking credit risk - underwriting and collection, early warning and pre-collection, project management and insolvencies methodology,

- successfully attended on number of projects in credit risk management, for major of them as project manager, namely:

- Early warning system for non-retail, retail and leasing portfolios

- Introduction of workflow engine for non-retail underwriting process

- Optimization of non-retail underwriting process

- Ph.D. in Finance at Institute of economic studies of Faculty of social sciences of Charles University in Prague, Czech republic (ies.fsv.cuni.cz),

- dissertation thesis on Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance published also as book by VDM Verlag, Germany, and available via Amazon,